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We stand by LGBT+ Egyptians! #ColorsRNotShame



South Africa, 19 October 2017
In September 2017, Egyptian authorities began cracking down on LGBT+ citizens, arresting at least 50 in just a month. Egyptian law has no basis for this and it is a violation of the human rights of all the victims.

Iranti, as well as countless other groups around the world, call on Egypt to cease these actions, and call on the people of Egypt to remain resolute. WE STAND BY YOU. #ColorsRNotShame


On Not Being There: Human Rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis

By Scott Long

Egypt, 18 October 2017

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It’s a sick and repellent paradox that the Egyptian state media smears Egyptian LGBTQ people as tools of foreign influences, while they’ve been largely abandoned by their absentee, self-styled friends in northern LGBTQ groups. While in Egypt the media hurl curses at a few people who waved a rainbow flag, while lawmakers promise more draconian laws, while almost five dozen victims innocent of any known crime face prison terms, many international rights groups are silent or settle for symbolic gestures. This failure points to a crisis in the so-called international human rights movement, as advocacy appears to lose what efficacy it once had.





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