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EFF vows to represent ‘LGBTI’ despite its manifesto being invisible on the matter


Dali Mpophu 2014 elections

Advocate Dali Mpofu, the Economic Freedom Fighters’ Gauteng premier candidate addressing his speech on ‘LGBTI’  issues.


1 April 2014, South Africa

by Kokeletso Legoete


Johannesburg. EFF held a minority group’s seminar, addressing ‘LGBTI’ and people with disability issues. The seminar was held at Braamfontein, Johannesburg at a hotel’s conference room. Advocate Dali Mpofu, the keynote speaker at the seminar addressed the EFF’s interests in working with the minority groups by emphasizing their commitment to protecting everyone’s constitutional rights and engaging in activities that would protect the LGBTI community.


It is shocking and paradoxical when the party’s president, Julius Malema, made a negative public remark about intersex people during the Caster Semenya’s gender-questioning havoc. Malema expressed in public that there is no such thing as a hermaphrodite in Pedi, that there is only a woman or a man, therefore nobody should impose their imperialism on him. When Mpofu was asked about this, he replied “Do not judge the EFF based on anything else, judge the EFF based on its policy.”


As people arrived at the seminar, they were handed the EFF’s election manifesto that listed LGBTI as Social Welfare Services, why this? No one knows. There was no description as to how LGBTI people fit in within the party’s manifesto, although Mpofu had a handwritten manifesto that nobody else had that actually provided details about their role within the LGBTI community. When he was asked about this, he told that “EFF is continuously amending and improving sections in its manifesto pertaining to the LGBTI community.”


It is not surprising to hear that these kinds of seminars will be taking place from time to time as it is election period. All political parties support LGBTI people little or not at all and would claim their support to only very small crowds.


However, we still hope they will keep their promises, do their jobs and protect human rights for ALL.

















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