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Living in truth: Chelsea Manning in prison


UNITED STATES, August 2013. More than almost any country in modern history, the US relies on prisons as its primary means of social control. Its incarceration rate is the world’s highest (almost 40% higher than the Russia Jamie Kirchick hates). The values of violence, secrecy, and masculinity that Manning rejected rule our prisons, distilled, intensified, and concentrated. Gender policing may be the most constant form of authority. Read this take on the issues by Scott Long.

Source: Paper Bird


Chelsea Manning and the Battle for Trans-Inclusive Healthcare without bias


UNITED SATES, August 2013. This essay is not about the WikiLeaks case, about Chelsea’s actions, about whether she is a hero or a traitor. Like Chelsea (who chose not to reveal she was a trans woman during her trial) I choose not to discuss the specifics of Chelsea’s trial as I feel it will “overshadow” the task at hand: the devaluing and disregard of trans people’s bodies. Read this take on the issue by Janet Mock.






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Midway through Gone with the Wind,Scarlett O’Hara scrabbling in a barren field, holds up a turnip and swears, “As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again.” I often call my Turnip Moment the time a Romanian official, at a public panel in Bucharest, responded to evidence of arrests under the sodomy law by saying, “I don’t have to listen to such fairy stories.”   Governments routinely claim that rights violations based on sexuality or gender identity or expression simply don’t happen, because such people simply don’t exist. My particular oath, invisible turnip in hand, was that no one would call these fairy stories again. My commitment was to do what justice I could to the survivors and those who didn’t survive — the people whose stories I heard — by making their stories live: documented, proven,  and felt.

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About Janet Mock

After stepping forward as a trans woman, Janet concentrated her efforts on speaking out about the struggles, triumphs and portrayals of girls and women like herself. In 2012, Janet founded the social media project #GirlsLikeUs which aims to raise the diverse visibility of trans women. She currently travels the country speaking about her experience of living at the intersections of identities.

Janet Mock






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